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Writer's Toolkit: Skillshare


Writers are always trying to learn as much as we can. We study the craft of writing, we do research for our novels, we are always seeking out more information. While I absolutely love books, audiobooks, and podcasts, I also enjoy watching videos, especially for topics where visuals are helpful. That's where Skillshare comes in for me.

Skillshare is an online learning platform where people can learn everything from how to take better Instagram photos, to how to make fresh pasta, or even how to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain. There are classes on tons of different subjects, but most have a focus on business or creative pursuits. For writers in particular, I think there are a few ways that Skillshare could be beneficial.

  • Classes on Writing - 
    There are courses on storytelling and writing craft, but there are also classes on nonfiction writing and blogging. If you are looking for an great place to start, check out Storytelling Fundamentals, taught by Daniel José Older.
  • Classes on Author Platforms - 
    If you are still wondering just what an author platform is or how to set one up, there are plenty of classes for you. There are all kinds of classes on marketing strategies and how to build an effective online presence, but I think Digital Marketing for Writers taught by Jenna Moreci is a good one for writers.
  • Classes on Social Media - 
    Maybe you have already established your author platform and are just looking to improve the way that you use different social media sites. If so, there are classes on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Personally, I love the class Analytics & Authenticity on Instagram by Sophia Chang. 
  • Classes on Productivity - 
    As I've mentioned before, I'm super interested in productivity. Most writers have other jobs other commitments, other claims to their time, so productivity is important. There are a bunch of classes available on various productivity topics, including Productivity for Creatives, taught by Tanner Christensen. This class is specifically aimed at creative people of all kinds and offers some great advice that writers can apply to their own lives.

I think that Skillshare can be a really great option for those looking to learn and draw inspiration from others. Many of these courses are less than an hour in total and are a great option for busy people who are still looking to improve. That said, Skillshare does have some variation in quality among their courses. Some have celebrity instructors and high production values, some are a little lacking. The website does allow for notes and reviews, so you can see what others are saying about a course before trying it out for yourself.

Skillshare does offer some classes for free, while others are part of its "Premium" membership. This membership will run you about $15 a month and gives you unlimited, ad-free access to  Skillshare courses. While I have enjoyed using Skillshare, I want to disclaim that you can find lots of great videos on similar topics for free on Youtube. You definitely do not need to pay to learn about most of these topics. The value of Skillshare comes from the fact that it gathers together these videos into one place, making it easier to find in-depth classes. If you are looking for an easy way to find classes on a variety of subjects, give Skillshare a look.

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