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Podcast Rec: Overdue

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So far, the podcasts I have recommended on this blog have been about entrepreneurship, goal setting, and business development. I think that these podcasts are great resources for any writer just starting out, but I listen to other kinds of podcasts too. I listen to podcasts on books, folklore, storytelling, and more. One of my favorite podcasts on books is Overdue.

Overdue is a podcast hosted by two friends, Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting. They hilariously talk through books you should have read already. Their witty banter and silly tangents make the podcast sidesplittingly funny. Despite how funny the podcast is, Andrew and Craig do give some great commentary and insights into the books they've read. Let it be clearly stated here: this podcast is absolutely not spoiler-free. As the podcast's intro states:

While Andrew and Craig believe the joy of discovery is crucial to enjoying any well-told tale, they will not shy away from spoiling specific story beats when necessary. Plus, these are books you should have read by now.

Overdue is a long-running podcast, so there is an extensive back catalog of old episodes to get through. Andrew and Craig cover bestsellers like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Episode 272), Outlander (Episode 117), or Jurassic Park (Episode 177), but they also have many episodes on classics like Les Misérables (Episode 172) or Pride and Prejudice (Episode 72). At the time of posting, there are 283 episodes available. Chances are good that more than a few of your favorite books have been covered and I encourage you to check out those episodes first.

Whether you are looking to hear a rehash of books you have already read or an overview of a book you haven't gotten to yet, Overdue is a great podcast if you are looking to laugh and be entertained. Have you listened to Overdue before? If so, tell me your favorite episode in the comments below!


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