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Podcast Rec: Goal Digger

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As you probably know by now, I have a running series of posts on podcast recommendations. I listen to a lot of podcasts, some are true crime, others are about folklore and horror stories, while others are geared towards creative entrepreneurs and business development. Today's podcast recommendation falls into the last category. If you are looking for an upbeat podcast that will make you want to put your head down and do some work, check out The Goal Digger Podcast.

Goal Digger is a podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher, a photographer, podcaster, and general creative entrepreneur girl boss. She is so refreshingly honest, upbeat, and kind. Her podcast always gives me a boost when I am starting to feel run down or burnt out. Jenna's podcast offers general advice on creativity, inspiration, and building a business.

Not all of these episodes are going to appeal to everyone. Personally, I think that Episode 146: Writing a Book 101 with Rachel Hollis is a great one for writers and anyone interested in writing or the publishing industry. Rachel discusses her road to publication, including her failures, as well as the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing. I love to hear stories about how people get published and the path they take, including all the twists and turns and missteps.  I also think that Episode 74: How to Stay Creative and Tackle Your Next Project is a great one. This episode is an interview with Emily Freeman, another writer who discusses staying creative and three things you need before starting any new project.

Beyond writing-specific episodes, Goal Digger is also great for advice on building your writing platform. While Jenna doesn't focus on writers specifically, her advice on branding, social media, and blogging can be used by anyone trying to build a platform. I loved Episode 77: Why Pinterest Needs to Be a Priority. I love Pinterest and use it all the time to make aesthetics and mood boards for my writing, but am also trying to engage more with the writing community online. For me, Jenna's advice was a great way to get a crash course in using Pinterest more intentionally. I also really love Episode 85: My Top 5 Tips To Writing a Killer Blog Post. I love blogging and am always trying to get better at it. Jenna's tips help put in perspective how to write blog posts that more people are interested in and how to get eyes on those posts. 

Goal Digger is full of tons of great episodes with advice on building a successful and authentic business, as well as interviews with other creative entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for advice on how to improve your author platform or general advice on maintaining creativity and productivity, I highly recommend you give this podcast a try!

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