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Monthly Favorites: July 2018


This month has been an absolute whirlwind for me. I turned 26 at the beginning of the month and have been thinking a lot about adulthood and where I want to be in the next year or so. I also began thinking about new projects at work and went to my first major conference related to my field. It was definitely a month of doing new things and reevaluating various areas of my life. It was definitely a month of change and trying out new things, so I wanted to share some of the things that I loved this month, both bookish and otherwise.

Book favorite: The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I read most of this book on the beach and finished it up cozy in bed. Though I read this book in summer, it definitely has the vibes for a blustery, gray winter day. About a crumbling country house in post-war England, The Little Stranger definitely brings the gothic novel vibes while building a slow and unnerving undercurrent of dread that bubbles to a head. I definitely recommend it for the fall when you are looking for a spooky read. That said, you may want to get a jump on the book, as a movie adaptation starring Domhnall Gleeson is coming out this August.

Podcast favorite: My Favorite Murder. I've already recommended this podcast, but I will reiterate my love for it once more. I've binged my way through MFM's back catalog of episodes and am now cycling through them again. Some complain that Karen and Georgia's girl talk and funny tirades take up too much of the show, but honestly, they are some of my favorite parts. Their friendship and ability to riff seamlessly on the silliest of topics adds some levity to episodes that may otherwise be crushingly sad. It's hard to pin down just what about the podcast has made me fall in love with it so much, but it is the best of female friendships, comedy, feminism, and yes, true crime. 

Drink favorite: Rishi Valerian Dream Loose Tea. I've been trying to take more time to wind down at the end of the day and decompress. This tea by Rishi has been a definite favorite. Valerian root is calming and helps promote sleep, plus the taste of this tea is delicious. I have liked making a huge mug of this tea and stirring in some raw, local honey to sweeten it up just a bit. 

Beauty favorites: Foreo Luna, Farmacy Bright On mask, and a rose quartz gua sha stone. By far the biggest category this month are my beauty favorites. My Foreo Luna cleansing devices has long been a favorite of mine, though I don't always use it as regularly as I should. In July, I started using my Luna more regularly and man did it make my skin feel smooth! Where the Luna was a rediscovered favorite, Farmacy's Bright On mask was an entirely new find. I absolutely love Farmacy and have a few of their products, but when I saw the description for Bright On, I knew I had to try it. It is a Vitamin C clay mask that changes from purple to green as you massage it in, releasing the encapsulated Vitamin C. It is a nice, quick little clay mask that definitely does help to brighten and tighten without totally stripping your face. The perfect mask for summer! Finally, last but not least is my rose quartz gua sha stone. I bought a gua sha and facial roller in a set on Amazon. While both are great, I've loved the gua sha. Taking a few minutes to massage in some oil has definitely left me with skin that looks clearer and more glow-y by morning. There are a few tutorials floating around the internet, but if you are looking for a good beginner tutorial for gua sha massage, I highly recommend this one.

Wellness favorite: Simple Habit meditation app. Though it is not pictured here, I wanted to mention this app, as it is definitely one that helped to bring some relaxation and stress relief to my month. I've really been trying to find ways to incorporate little bits of mindfulness and relaxation into my day so that I don't turn into one giant ball of stress. Simple Habit offers a range of free meditations to pick from, including the ability to pick meditations for specific times and places, such as a 5-minute commute meditation or a 20-minute meditation to help put you to sleep. There are options for upgrading, but so far, the free app has been more than sufficient for me, however if you want to check out the Premium service, you can use the link above to get 2 weeks free.

These are a few of the things I enjoyed this month, but I'd love to hear about what you enjoyed! Leave your favorites in the comments below!


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