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How to Break a Reading Slump

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Reading slumps. We've all been there. It seems like you just can't get interested in anything you try to read, can't finish anything. Strangely, for me it always seems like my worst reading slumps happen after a finish a really good book. So, are there any options besides waiting it out? Below are a few of the things that have worked for me in the past.

  • Switch Up Genre - 
    If you normally read YA, try a thriller or science fiction, any genre you aren't familiar with. For me, it often feels like whatever I am reading just can't live up to whatever book I read last. One way to remedy this is to read something completely different. Aside from being a departure from your usual reads, you just might find a new favorite genre.
  • Change Up the Format - 
    Sometimes, changing up the format of your reading can help get you out of a funk. If you find your mind wandering while you read your usual paperback, maybe give an ebook or an audiobook a try. In particular, the performative aspect of an audiobook, the way that the narrator emphasizes and intones their speech, can make a story more engaging.
  • Reread a Favorite - 
    When I feel stuck on a book I loved, I sometimes go back and read another old favorite. If the issue is that I'm not connecting to new books, sometimes rereading a book I know I love helps to get over the emotional hurdle. Plus, rereading books can often give you a deeper understanding of the text and a renewed appreciation for the story.
  • Try an Adapted Work - 
    Along the same vein as changing up your format, you may want to try reading something that has been adapted into a tv series or movie. Recently, I read The Alienist by Caleb Carr because the advertisements for the TNT tv series looked great. Personally, I wanted to read the book first before watching the series, but if you really find yourself stuck in a slump, you may want to watch the movie or series first. If you like the adaptation, it should spark your interest in the original source material. 
  • Shake Up Your Reading Routine - 
    Finally, if you normally read on your commute or before bed, try switching up your reading routine. Read at breakfast in the morning or on your lunch break at work. If you normally read in bed, try reading in another part of your house or apartment. Sometimes, switching up your routine can help pull you out of a rut.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to snap out of a reading slump. The ones listed above are just a few, but they were ones that I have had some success with. I hope they work for you too. Happy reading!


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