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4 Tips for Reassessing Goals

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In the last few weeks I have been trying to be easier on myself and remind myself that it isn't always possible to do everything I want to do. Part of that process has meant taking time to take stock of my goals and to reassess whether or not they are still attainable or if they need adjusting. There are a few factors I've considered while reassessing these goals:

  • Is the goal still important to me?
    The first and most important thing to consider is whether or not the goal is even still important to me. If there are other goals that are more important, it would be best to set the goal aside for more valuable goals.
  • Is it an attainable goal?
    If the goal isn't realistic or attainable, it needs to be retooled until it is. Pursuing something unattainable is a waste of time. Instead, it needs to be broken down into smaller pieces or otherwise adjusted to make it achievable.
  • Can I scale back on the goal?
    Sometimes, I set goals that are far too aggressive. So, when reassessing I look at whether this is something I can scale back on. If my goal was to run 4 times a week, can I scale it back to 3 times and still get a benefit from it?
  • Can I push back the deadlines on the goal?
    Along the same vein as the last point, if the goal is too aggressive in timeline, could it be adjusted? If the goal is to write a first draft in 3 months, could I push that goal to 6 months?

When considering adjustments to my goals, I want to consider how much time I have to realistically dedicate to each goal. Between commitments to work and family, there is only so much time to divide up between goals. It is important to carefully consider which goals to pursue and how aggressively to pursue them. Finally, it is important not to compare my goals to other people's. Ultimately, my goals need to fit realistically into my life instead of trying to cram my life around unrealistic goals.

I've previously written about how you can't do it all, but it is a lesson that I need to keep reminding myself of. Circumstances change and maybe I'll take on more aggressive goals in the future, but for now, I'm scaling back on some of my goals, letting the pressure off. The point of my goals is to achieve them, so setting myself up for failure defeats the purpose.

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