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10 Bookish Instagram Accounts I Love

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I love Instagram. It is such a great place to connect with other people and get inspiration. Most of the accounts I follow are bookish and I tend to lean towards accounts that have a pretty defined aesthetic. There are so many great accounts out there, but here are 10 that I follow and love. Check them out and give them some love too!

  • allcharacterswanted
    This account is just so gorgeous. The photos are amazing and she shares book reviews on her blog twice a week. If you are into bright accounts with pops of color and florals, check this one out. 
  • almostreading
    If you love neutrals and calm accounts, this one is for you. The photos are cozy and aesthetic, and bookish photos are mixed in with pictures of architecture and nature. She also has a blog where she shares book reviews if you are looking for recommendations.
  • Ashleigh.Angus -
    Everything about this account is just aesthetic goals. Bookish photos are mixed in with lush photos of greenery and landscapes as well as crumbling ruins and old architecture. Sorry, I've got to go book my ticket to Scotland now.
  • classicallycasual.reads
    If a super clean, minimalist look is your preference, this account is for you. The photos are simple and uncluttered, but beautiful. Also, if you are looking for some book recommendations, a lot of the captions have mini reviews in them. 
  • lifebytheink
    This account has some gorgeous photography and a really cohesive theme. If you've got a thing for the color blue, this is an account to check out. Also, I love her captions. Some are more journal-like and others more traditional captions, but all are really engaging. 
  • outofthebex
    All of these photos are really gorgeously arranged. If you love baked goods, especially doughnuts, man is this the account for you! The feed just feels very whimsical, with all of its pastels and delicate teacups. Also, her blog is great and she posts a ton of book reviews and author interviews. 
  • piesnprose
    Cozy is the word I would use to describe this account. The photos incorporate warm colors, chunky sweaters, blankets, and a minimalist edge. This account is really calm and full of positive vibes.
  • reviewsfromabibliophile
    What can I say about this account other than it sets my little English major heart aflutter? With a mix of bookish photos and pictures of architecture and museums rendered in soft colors with plenty of calming white space, this account is just beautiful. If you are a fan of the classics, give this account a look.
  • thememoryofstardust
    I love the theme of this account. The photos mix plants with books and candles, layering together different textures and colors. Like most of the accounts I recommend, it leans more towards a clean, bright aesthetic.
  • wondrouschapters
    This account is all about pale colors, rumpled sheets, dried flowers, and paperback books. If you are looking for something calm and serene on your feed, this is the account to check out. 

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